The story

Golden was created for a select few.

The finest natural goods have flirted with fine 24 karat gold to yield an exclusively divine line of products. As our hedonistic souls long for infinite happiness and healthy lightness, Golden reveals a new dimension of pleasure that caters to our heavenly bodies.

Golden Products

All Golden Products are born from a unique process that defines our brand and creates a truly Golden experience for our customers.

First, our world-class resource curator select only the finest award-winning natural and organic goods to use. The resulting product is so marvelous that we’re inspired to add 24 karat gold flakes as a bonus. And in the spirit of artistic expression, each and every Golden Product packaging is a one-of-a-kind artwork with a customizable card allowing our customers to add a personalized name or message to their product. Made with exclusive selections of rare and superior quality, Golden Products are easily the finest way to spoil yourself in healthy luxury.

Behind  the brand

Successful entrepreneurs are not born – they are raised. In a family business with over 40 years’ experience dealing in fine art and luxury goods, the Golden founder Mr. Kristjan Podgornik was bred to be the curator of the Golden Experience from a young age. The son of an international fine art dealer, Kristjan was close by as pieces from artists like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol was bought and sold, surrounding him with uniquely successful people as the family fortune was built brick-by-brick.

Now an international taste-maker in the luxury goods market, Kristjan understands that a man will reach only as high as he has set his own bar. He developed the Golden Brand to cater to a culture of people who strive for and expect only the best of the best; just as he was raised to do.

Merging his lifelong passion for excellence with his personal standard for the finest quality food, art, and fashion, the Golden Brand is a reflection of Kristjan’s affinity for the purest tastes available to the palate.