The story

Golden was created for a select few.

The finest natural goods have flirted with fine 24 karat gold to yield an exclusively divine line of products. As our hedonistic souls long for infinite happiness and healthy lightness, Golden reveals a new dimension of pleasure that caters to our heavenly bodies.

Golden Products

All Golden Products are born from a unique process that defines our brand and creates a truly Golden experience for our customers.

First, our world-class resource curator select only the finest award-winning natural and organic goods to use. The resulting product is so marvelous that we’re inspired to add 24 karat gold flakes as a bonus. And in the spirit of artistic expression, each and every Golden Product packaging is a one-of-a-kind artwork with a customizable card allowing our customers to add a personalized name or message to their product. Made with exclusive selections of rare and superior quality, Golden Products are easily the finest way to spoil yourself in healthy luxury.


Organic olive oil with gold

Golden olive oil is organically grown and processed by expert hands, extracted from the finest olive
trees in Slovenia. Critically acclaimed for its quality, Golden has been ranked among the top 20 best
olive oils in the world. Our award-winning olive miller Boris Jenko works exclusively from the sunny Slovenian seaside region.

Supplements of fine edible 24k gold are like sun rays trapped in graceful packaging, giving our olive oil a touch of endless elegance, undeniable taste and premium value. Ancient cultures regarded gold as a mystical metal representing the perfection of matter and believed that it can stimulate the human life force and amplify vibrations on all levels when ingested.

Bon appetit!



Form follow Passion

Classification: Organic Olive Oil With Gold
Color: Deep gold mixed with light green
Rang: Boris Jenko PREMIUM edition
Aroma: Inviting aroma from fresh extracted olive tree
Experience: Like heaven and gold
Bottle: High-grade glass boldly tattooed with the superior mark of Olive tree,
closed with quality black glass cover detailed with 24 karat gold “G” letter
Bottle: 200ml / 6,7oz of pure hedonism!

Packing: Custom handmade and precisely printed gold details from a Slovenian master
with over 30 years of experience in print and packing.

“An olive tree has roots not only
in the ground, but also in the
souls of generations.”

B O R I S  J E N K O
“olive miller”